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French Translation & Localization Services in Brisbane

HERE IS WHAT WE CAN do for your business

Thanks to the Internet and platforms such as Shopify, Amazon and Etsy,
businesses are no longer restricted to selling
in their country of origin; we are living in a global marketplace.

So why limit yourself to English-speaking customers?

French is the 5th most spoken language globally and
French-speakers represent more than 280 million people (and potential customers) spread out over 5 continents.

how CAN WE HElp?

English / French Translation

We have extensive experience translating full websites, online courses, documentation such as legal agreements, training materials, corporate brochures and presentations, and even emails from English to French and can guarantee a quick turnaround.

English / French localization

Simply translating a website is not sufficient; your content needs to be adapted and your multilingual SEO strategy reviewed to suit your target market, their language and culture.

product descriptions & Packaging

Protect your brand's hard-earned reputation by ensuring that you have adequate translations before launching into a new market. Nothing is more frustrating than confusing product descriptions or badly-translated packaging with unclear instructions or ingredients.

Amazon listings

We specialize in translating your Amazon listings from English to French so that they sound native to your customers and include the proper keywords to increase traffic and conversion. You need to rely on the services of a native French speaker to ensure that the keyword research is done properly and that all expressions used are culturally appropriate.

Planning on extending your global reach and targeting French-speaking markets? Let us assist you.

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